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Here is an excellent opportunity for the writer in you to help you cash bigger paychecks.

Not a great writer? That's okay, you don't need to be Ernest Hemingway to share your auto related thoughts, tips, tricks and techniques here.

How Does It Work?
It's simple and is a win-win for both you and this site. Your article, which can be about anything auto related, will help to build content for this site and in return you'll be able to promote yourself in a resource box at the bottom of any article you write.

This resource box will be a quick description of you, where you are located and most importantly how to contact you.

In addition to the resource box, you'll be able to build an "about me" page which will be optimized to rank as well as possible with Google and other major search engines. This about me page will be very effective at producing local leads for your dealership and you specifically.

For instance, if you work for XYZ dealership in phoenix, AZ, then we will optimize a page for keywords using XYZ dealership, phoenix car dealerships, phoenix cars for sale...

Google has been very generous to this site in terms of traffic and this should turn out to equal a nice amount of leads for your dealership, but more specifically you at your dealership.

Articles Build Trust
Extra leads are great, but this gets even better...One of the greatest things about writing articles is that you'll build trust with readers. They will come to know and trust you, which will lead to even greater conversions. After all people would rather do business with people they know and like, right?

What Can You Write About
Anything automotive related. How much trust do you think you'd build by giving consumers a car buying tips list? How about 10 ways to simplify car buying, or 3 tips to buy a car in under an hour, or 3 tips for a best buy, etc.

These types of tips (car buying) would be placed on a part of the site related to car buying and not simply on the car salesman section.

Of course, sales tips and tricks will work as well...3 easy closing techniques, mad profits made ethically, 5 ways to convert a phone lead into a buyer, 3 tricks to set the appointment, etc.

Even things as simple as a story you'd like to share with other salesman...This last customer made me so mad, so happy, so sad, etc. Or this guy shows up 1 minute before close and keeps us there for 3 hours to then find out he is homeless and looking to buy a car to live in...

And lastly, anything else you can think of that's auto related...Chevy trucks vs. Ford trucks, classic car articles, the car show was great, concept cars and on and on and on...

It Couldn't Be Easier
Simply return to the Car Salesman page and start typing in the form near the bottom of the page.

Write your article and follow the link to create a short (3-7 sentences) resource section which includes: why your the best, your name, dealership and contact information.

If you'd like to build an "about me" page, you'll find a link after writing your article. Your "about me" page will need to be a lengthier (larger than your resource box) description of your dealership, you and the benefits of doing business with you and your dealership.

You'll only need to do this with the first article as once it is done it will become its own webpage on this site. This is optional to build an "about me" page, but highly recommended.

This is a really easy way to get more targeted leads and make more money...Start today and get paid tomorrow!

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