Get It In Writing

Or Else You May
Not Get It At All

If you are promised something as part of your negotiation Get It In Writing. I'm sure you've heard that plenty of times over the course of your life, but now is more important than ever.

There are two steps in the car buying guide that I personally fee are musts and to get it in writing is one of them.

I've seen it a million times, a car salesman makes a verbal promise to do something for the customer, like a:

  • Free detail
  • Free tank of gas
  • Free owners manual
  • Free extra set of keys
  • Free new car radio, etc.

and two weeks down the road when you go back to the dealership to have the promised service performed, you find the salesman has come down with a bad case of "selective amnesia" and has completely forgotten what was promised.

I've seen this happen several ways:

  • The car salesman lies.

  • They legitimately forgot they promised you something.

  • Management was not aware, at the time of sale, that something was promised and did not authorize it.

  • The customer wanted something and thought it was part of the negotiation, but it really wasn't.

Floor Mats
Some really common situations I see, are items like floor mats in a new vehicle. Don't just assume you get them. Every new vehicle does not automatically come with them. They are typically an add that you have to pay for.

Second Set of Keys
Another example is a second set of keys for a used vehicle. Most dealers are pretty cheap when it comes to extra keys for used vehicles...Those key FOB's (keyless entry remotes) are expensive.

Want a second key FOB for your Volkswagen? It's going to run you roughly $250. Make sure the car either comes with two sets of keys, or negotiate it into the deal and get it in writing.

Ugly Problem, Simple Solution
These types of situations can get ugly fast! Obviously, as a customer if you feel you're owed something and a car dealer is not honoring their promise to you you feel like they're playing games with you and are out right trying to rip you off.

A simple solution to this problem is to:

Get Everything In Writing,
No Matter How Small!

This is so important, because it not only keeps a car salesman from getting selective amnesia, but it's also legally binding in a court of law, assuming it went that far.

Due Bill or We Owe
When car dealers promise something to a customer, they will usually use a Due Bill or a We Owe to show what was promised.

Make sure if you are owed something you have either a Due Bill or a We Owe and that it clearly states what is owed and is signed by a manager of the dealership.

To recap once more, Get it in writing...Everything, No Matter How Small! If you had a pleasurable buying experience scenarios like the ones above can certainly ruin your day.

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