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by: Tod

Thanks justin for all the info. I know a lot of it already though.

My main problems is the people that pull right up and want to know the price of every car on the lot.

They will ask how much is that car that car and that car and if i dont tell them they get upset and say I just want to know the price.

They won't come inside if I ask them and say I don't want to come inside I just want to know the price of the car.

Hey Tod
by: Justin
(Editor in Chief)

In those situations, you're kind of stuck and you may just have to give them what they want. I would suggest a play on words however and let them know that the "Asking Price" is xxx.

If they say that's too much, then I personally would have a little fun with it and come back with something along the lines of well the price comes down significantly after a test drive.

Or, something along the lines of well that's simply the asking price, but I can tell you're not the type of person to pay full price, so let's take it for a quick drive to make sure you like it and I'll get you the best possible deal prior to you leaving today.

I know where you are at with these types of customers as I ran into them often when I was selling and I had to adjust my style to get around it.

I'm not trying to point a finger at you, but you may want to really take a look at how you are handling these customers and try some different things.

If you are not making deals with these people now, then you've got nothing to lose by trying to change up your approach a bit until you find one that is comfortable for you and converts better. Being comfortable when selling is a key to being more successful!

I actually used to get angry at these types of customers (not directly towards the customer, but inside) and took offense to the fact that they wouldn't allow me to do my job. But, once I realized I'm not going to sell them all and I changed my approach (made it more fun for me) I began to take better control of these customers, lowered my blood pressure and made more sales.

I'm not sure how big the store is that you're working at or how long you've been selling, but are there any good sales managers that could give you some pointers or someone you can turn these people to if you feel you have lost control or aren't able to get it in the first place?

Take care,

Heads up NEW
by: Anonymous

In regards to the editors comment and saying that you want to ask them what type of payment they are looking for is the ABSOLUTELY worst advice to give. The customer is not going to give you their honest payment. They are going to give you their lowest payment they have in mind. The job of a car salesman is to get their highest payment possible. Never talk price or payment on the lot.

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by: Anonymous

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Payment on lot, response to anonymous above NEW
by: Top Guy 12 months

You're job is not to get the highest payment possible. Your job is to sell a car. Let's say when you ask payment and they say 300, you follow up with "up to?" and they'll probably say $350. Now you show them cars in that monthly payment range (about $14-$14.5 plus T&L). Then when you do a four square you say "payments at $350, right?" they'll normally give an affirmative and you ask "up to?" if they seem at all hesitant when you ask the $350 feel free to increase by the same number they did the first time "up to...? $400?" and that's the only number on the four square you right down. When you come back with the pencil and you are hopefully at or under the 350 you did good.

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