Just Bought My Second Car From Drive Time Auto Sales

by Bill S.
(Dallas, TX)

Visitor Review: I read a couple of reviews and felt I should give my positive review of Drive Time Auto Sales.

Just about 1 month ago I bought my second car from them and it was another good experience. I had to use them the first time do to some medical issues that really hurt my credit and went back to them the second time, because the first experience was a good one.

I qualified for their DT Champ program this time around and was able to buy my car with no money down and my finance rate was close to half of what it was the first time. If you pay them well, they will take care of you the next time around.

I was very happy with my first car and had no mechanical problems. The second has held up well so far and I have no reason to believe this will change any time soon.

In addition, a friend has also bought a truck from them and he has had no problems.

I see some reviews on here that are negative and I just wanted to say that I would definitely buy another car from them.

It's important to keep in mind that Drive Time probably sells thousands of cars each month around the country and you're bound to have some people have bad experiences from time to time.

All I know is I was treated good, bought good vehicles and felt comfortable doing business with them. If you've got credit issues, I'd highly recommend checking them out!

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