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Mountain America Credit Union ( MACU ) auto loans are great for the right situation and at the right times. In fact, the time and situation were right for me, when I bought my last vehicle, and I financed with Mountain America.

So I'll not only be able to tell you about their lending program from a dealers perspective, but from a customers perspective as well.

Mountain America Credit Union, or MACU, auto loans can be, at times, very competitive and they tend to lend to A+, A, B and upper level C tier credit customers.

A great thing with Mountain America Credit Union auto loans is that their A tier rates begin with a credit score as low as 675. To qualify for this tier with the majority of lenders you will need a credit score that's usually 720+.

That being said, they are still looking for for a solid credit history with customers that have the ability to repay.

What's covered below about
Mountain America Credit Union:

To see how Mountain Americas current rates stack up to that of some of the nations top auto lenders please visit my Bank Auto Loan Rates page.

The following sections are based on my dealership experience with Mountain America Credit Union and may not accurately reflect what you as a direct consumer may experience, but should be close. For more info please read my disclaimer

Close Disclaimer

I am not affiliated with Mtn. America and do not get paid to refer customers to their site. I also do not hold a grudge against Mtn. America and did not build this page to discourage anyone from using their services.

I assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information on this page and it should be used for general informational purposes only.

Any information pertaining to auto lenders and/or their auto loan guidelines is based on information, rates and terms that can change at any time.

Although, every effort is made to keep this information current, I can make no guarantees as to the accuracy of any of the auto lenders information reviewed on this site.

It is strongly recommended to check directly with the specific auto lender for their current program guidelines and available rates.

In addition, certain restrictions may apply to certain available auto loan programs, again please see lender for details.

There are many variables that may affect your auto loan approval (your approvals rates, terms, restrictions, etc.) and/or turn down, such as, but not limited to:

* Credit score* credit history* age of vehicle* miles on vehicle* type of vehicle* state of residence* term of the loan* loan structure
* whether the loan is secured direct from lender or indirect from the dealership.

Who Do They Loan Too -
Credit Types and Credit Scores

As mentioned above, Mountain America Credit Union loans to the mid to upper level credit customers and they do require a minimum Experian credit score of 625.

Their credit tiers breakdown like this:

  • A Tier = 675+ Experian credit score
  • B Tier = 645 - 675 Experian credit score
  • C Tier = 625 - 644 Experian credit score

In order to qualify for their program, customers need a satisfactory credit history that shows a prior timely payment history and the ability to pay on the new vehicle.

They also only loan money to (at least indirectly) customers residing in AZ, NM, NV and UT. This changed recently and they used to lend nationwide, but were apparently having titling issues with some dealerships.

Medical collections are something they are willing (case by case basis) to over look if your credit history has proven, through one or more well paid auto loans, mortgages, other installment loans and/or revolving credit (credit cards, etc.), that your intentions are to repay your debts.

Mountain America Credit Union takes into consideration a number of factors when deciding on an approval and will consider loaning money for different credit and loan structure situations.

Just know that the longer your credit history and the overall better paying it has been, the better your chances are for an approval.

If you are lacking some in the credit department, but can show them a nice financial commitment, like a good sized down payment, they may be willing to make exceptions.

Mountain America Credit Union
Guidelines and Restrictions

Vehicles That
Do Not Qualify

  • No vehicles with over 100,000 miles.
  • No salvaged, rebuilt, hail damaged or branded title vehicles.


  • Must have a minimum FICO score of 625.
  • No 84 month auto loans.
  • Maximum debt to income (gross monthly) ratio of 45%.
  • Maximum debt to income (gross monthly) ratio of 36% for C tier.
  • Trusts and refinancing only through MACU braches, not available through dealerships.
  • Must finance $15,000 or more for 72 month financing.
  • 72 month financing not available for C tier.

In addition, they offer very competitive GAP insurance rates.

Mountain America
Credit Union Auto Loan Structures

For new vehicles, MACU will loan up to 110% of factory invoice and for used vehicles they will loan up to 100% of retail plus approved back end products:

The 100% is the used vehicle loan to value based on Kelley blue book retail.

An example, if a vehicle had a $30,000 retail blue book value, then Mountain America Credit Union would be willing to loan $30,000 (100%) plus the extra back end products from above.

The 100% may not seem like a lot, but keep in mind this is the retail value they are lending off of and not the wholesale value like the majority of lenders.

This is a great benefit to customers looking for no money down auto loans and/or are having to roll over negative equity from a trade in vehicles loan.

The 110% of invoice for new vehicles is not nearly as strong and will more often than not require you to put money down in order to get the loan structure in line with their program.

Another great benefit of their program is that they do not appear to be limiting advances on trucks and SUV's as many auto lenders have begun to do these days...

They seem to offer the same rates and terms to customers whether lending direct (from them direct to you) or indirect (through the dealer to you).

Be Careful...They do allow dealerships to mark up the finance rate up to 1% for new members!

Additional Discounts
Mountain America Credit Union does offer an additional discount to their rates for one of the following:

  • .25% discount for members with Advantage Checking.
  • .50% discount for members with Advantage Plus Checking.

Loan Terms
The terms that they are willing to loan for are currently as follows:

  • 2006 - 2009 = 72 month max
  • 2004 - 2005 = 60 month max
  • 2003 = 48 month max
  • 2001 - 2002 = 36 month max

Mountain America Credit Union
Customer Service and Payoff Information

If you're looking for some quick contact information, here you go:

General Customer Service

Salt Lake City: 325-6228
Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. MT

Touch Tone Teller

Salt Lake City: 325-6555
Toll Free 24/7 Access

Mailing Adress:

Mountain America Credit Union
PO Box 9001
West Jordan, UT 84084-9001

Summary of Mountain America
Credit Union Auto Loans

All in all, they offer some decent rates and terms for new and used vehicles.

At the time that I borrowed from them for my auto loan their rates were much more competitive.

MACU's real sweet spot seems to be in the 645-699 credit range and for those credit customers, you'll probably find that their rates are very competitive.

If you have excellent credit with a credit score over 700 then you will more than likely be able to find a lender with better loan terms and rates out there.

Check out my Bank Auto Loan Rates page to compare auto lenders rates.

You can access their website here: Mountain America Credit Union. Don't forget to bookmark this site so that after you get your approval you can learn some very valuable time and money saving car buying tips.

Mountain America Credit Union appears to offer refinancing rates that are similar, if not identical, to their purchase rates (I'm not 100% sure as I do not offer this service at my dealership).

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