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Not Always a Bad Deal - Just Usually
by: Nick

I have taken three cars to Carmax for appraisal. The first one brought an appraisal $3,000 above any other (I had several!). I was, indeed, a happy customer.

They lowballed me by several thousand on the next. I figured that they just missed the true value and I sold it elsewhere for severall thousand more.

Last week I took a cherry Jeep. It was filled with add-ons and extras. They valued it at $l2,000, far below its true wholesale value. I took it to a car lot where they know Jeeps and got $4,000 more for it. There are two possible reasons for such a disparity. Either the appraiser just blew it or tried to steal the car from me. Incompetence or dishonesty are the only possible explanations. Neither is acceptable.

Two bad experiences to one good one is not a good batting average, especially for a place where they advertise that they make a fair appraisal.

I have never bought a car from Carmax. I have looked at their inventory, which is extensive. The cars are generally very nice. The prices are even nicer -- for them. In fact, you pay a few thousand extra for the privilege of not having to haggle. Personally, I choose to haggle.

Carmax is not a good place to sell or buy a car. Take the time to look at all your options and only then make your deal. I doubt that this will, in most cases, involve Carmax where, in my personal experience, you have only a one out of three chance of making a good deal.

by: Anonymous

I just left CAR MINIMUM for a trade appraisal on a 2011 Dodge Nitro Heat 4x4 with 15000 miles and factory warranty as well perfect and loaded.KKB trade in 21650 msrp is 25000.The salesman shakes his head after they said "come on in we got you covered and your new car is set aside."He shows me the quote at 17000 even.REALLY?YOU PEOPLE ARE FREAKING NUTS!THEY TRY TO MAKE 10,000 PROFIT ON THE SALES.NISSAN ONLY HITS YOU FOR 3000 GIVE OR TAKE.The salesman tells me "Well we give quotes on how much gas it takes as well as popular demand on the lot ,you know because of the economy, people want other compact suv and not your compact suv."Not to mention all i needed was a purchase order from them and i would give them a check! STUPID CAR MINIMUM, THEY JUST LOST ALOT OF BUSINESS OFF THIS, WE BUY CARS EVERY 6 TO 10 MONTHS PAYING WITH CHECKS AND DECIDED TO GIVE THEM A SHOT!DON'T THINK SO !F!I!R!E!D!NEXT

carmax no haggle price
by: Bill

I have noticed that CarMax prices are higher than many other dealers for comparable vehicles. Check autotrader and before you buy and you will find identical or newer vehicles at a much better price. I find their no haggle pricing to be offensive. They are telling you pay our price take it or leave it. They also add dealer fees and transfer fees to their already higher prices.
It pays to shop around and find a dealer that wants to move their inventory. Bill Longwood Fl.

bad news for carmax
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to say I took my car in to trade for another vehicle.They would not go down $1.00 on this truck! My car was worth more than they offered,I will never deal with them again.How they stay in business is beyond me!!!!!!

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