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by: Anonymous

I have never been to Carmax and I am the first to be cynical of any car dealer, but seems to me you likely wrote your comment fresh out of your frustration - like a momma bear whose cubs were being attacked. It seems like an easy misunderstanding to me.

Home Work
by: Anil

Because You did not do your Home Work, you want to blame others for it. I hope you have learned a lesson and will move on.

The duty of the dealer to explain in full
by: Anonymous

I disagree with the 2 comments above. The dealers hip has the FULL responsibility to explain everything in full. There should have been no question in anyones mind how much money would have to be paid up front for a vehicle. If those sales taxes were to be paid up front, and not included in the financed amount, that should have been in writing and pointed out in full. When deals go bad - like this one seems to have - don't blame the customer. If you're crooks, you're crooks! I would guess the 2 comments above are from employees of CarMax.

Would never buy from Carmax
by: Anonymous

I was planning on buying from Carmax but after reading numerous horrow stories about defective cars they have sold and how badly they have treated people, I would now never consider buying a car from these people.

Great article NEW
by: Robert

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Sometime it happens NEW
by: Anonymous

Sometime it happens that customer is not happy with salesman behavior and then they decided that never go back to that showroom but that doesn't mean that showroom is fraud and all that one of my friend of coursework writing services uk recently buy a car from max and everything is OK and no fraud happen so do complete research before posting anything

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