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No credit check auto loans are becoming increasingly more difficult to find, if you can find one at all. If you have bad credit and that's the reason you don't want your credit pulled for an auto loan...

Don't worry, there is hope!

The reason no credit check auto loans are so rare is due to recent legislation that was put in place by the government to prevent identity theft and terrorists from buying a car.

Not to mention, whoever is loaning you the money wants to know a little about you up front. Again, don't worry, there are lenders for all credit types and it doesn't matter how bad your credit may be.

You'll have to take my word for it,
because subprime auto loans are what I do for a living.

What you'll find below:

Bad Credit? Really, Really Bad Credit? Let Us Help!
Bad Credit Auto Loans - Auto Credit Express´┐Ż

Where You Might Get
No Credit Check Auto Loans

If you are able to find a loan like this it will most likely be from one of three sources:

  1. Borrow money from family or friends and pay cash...
    OK. I know...If that were an option you probably wouldn't be here.

  2. Buy from a Buy Here Pay Here dealer...
    Some of these buy here pay here dealerships may not be in compliance with the new legislation and a lot of them don't care about your credit. They are looking to be able to prove your employment, where you live and will probably be looking for a larger down payment.

    They expect to have repossessions and don't mind making riskier loans. Only problem is you may only be able to buy a junker that they'll have you over pay for and they will want a big down payment.

  3. Find a dealer that offers a Rent To Own option...
    These lots are not as common, but I don't believe they have to comply with the new legislation, because you are simply renting the car and don't actual take ownership until you've exercised your option to buy at the end of the "rental/lease" agreement.

What To Expect From Dealers
That Offer No Credit Check Auto Loans

If you find a dealer that will offer this type of loan, you are going to get raked over the coals on purchase price, interest rates and they'll want some big down payment.

This is all due to the high probability of them having to repossess the vehicle in the future. You may have good intentions, but statistically speaking a no credit check auto loan is very high risk.

My suggestion is to stick with a larger Buy Here Pay Here dealer that will pull credit, but their terms may be way better for you and not to mention, you'll probably be able to buy a better vehicle.

Some Great Sources
To Apply and Get Approved

Traditional Lenders and Dealers
These are also great sources for approvals, but you'll want to be sure you are dealing with lenders and dealers that specialize in bad credit and no credit auto loans.

Simply fill out any one of these secure, 60 second bad credit auto loan applications to apply with Auto Credit Express. Their service has placed over 1 Million online auto loans and closed over 1 Billion dollars in loans.

Apply Here: US Residents | En Espanol

Basic Qualifications:

  • $1,500 monthly gross income.
  • No repossessions in the past year unless included in a bankruptcy.
  • All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Service not available for purchases outside of North America.
  • Service not available for purchases from private parties or refinancing.

Buy Here Pay Here
As I mentioned before, a larger "Buy Here Pay Here" dealership is probably going to be one of your best options.

DriveTime Auto Sales is an excellent source for bad credit and no credit customers. They will certainly be one of your best sources for an auto loan approval.

FYI: They do pull credit, but do not worry...They finance over 97% of the vehicles they sell and have close to 100 dealerships nationwide.

In fact, when I worked in Texas, there was a DriveTime dealership right across the highway from my store and they were one of my biggest competitors.

They would offer much lower down payments to customers than I could offer through traditional auto lenders and DriveTime approves almost everyone.

I remember one customer that we had gotten an approval for and the lender was requiring $3,500 down...DriveTime only required $500 from this same customer and we lost the deal to them. The customer got a nice car too!

ARRRRGGGHHH...Very frustrating to get beat out like that when you are trying to sell a car, but it's good news for you...

No Credit Check
Auto Loans Summary

A larger buy here pay here (like DriveTime) and traditional auto lenders will certainly be your best bet. Although, both of these sources will review your credit it's, in my opinion, worth it, because you will more than likely get a better approval and have the ability to buy a nicer vehicle.

If you are able to find one, of probably very few, dealerships that will offer no credit check auto loans, then get ready to pay high interest rates (like 30% or higher), put some big money down (50% or more) and it'll probably be an old junk car!

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