Tips on Buying a New Car

How to Negotiate a New Car
for Non-Negotiators

If you want tips on buying a new car and either don't like to or don't know how to negotiate, then you've come to the right place.

Warning!!! Hardcore negotiators need not apply!
These car buying tips are not for the hardcore negotiators that enjoy spending hours at the dealership grinding every penny of profit out of the deal.

These tips on buying a new car are for those of you that want to know how to negotiate a new car with the least amount of effort, spend the least amount of time at the car dealership and still not pay full sticker price.

This is a very easy way to negotiate a new car and should allow you to get a nice discount with minimal effort.

When it comes to new cars, car dealerships do not expect to make a ton of money, because there is not much of a mark up to begin with and the invoices are so easily obtained by customers these days.

If you are looking for a specialty car, i.e. Corvette, FJ Cruiser, Mercedes, BMW, etc. these tips on buying a new car may not apply, but for your standard car, truck or SUV this should be quite effective and really easy.

"It's all about volume for new car dealers and you can usually get a hefty discount just by making them compete for your business."

That's why I like Edmunds. You can get multiple, free, no obligation quotes in seconds. See for yourself here Free Price Quotes at They've really set up a great site and dealers know the lowest price is going to win!

Now that you've got your new car quotes, which should have already saved you money (probably a lot of money), let me show you how to buy a new car with this simple negotiation tip to possibly save you even more money.

Here's how it's done:
Start off by researching the car you want. Go to and click on the highlighted New Cars link in the upper left hand corner.

Once there, select the make and model of the new car you want to buy. Once you've found the right model with all the right options you'll be able to see the invoice for your new car.

(Note: Some manufacturers, usually luxury, do not release this data.)

Now, take the invoice price of a domestic car and add $300 - $500 to figure your offer and for imports add $500 - $750. Whether or not you choose the higher or lower number will be based on your comfort level. The lower number is what I'd suggest you shoot for, but it's up to you...

You May Already Be Way Ahead of the Game!
Of course, you may have already found that you've beaten that strategy simply by making them compete for your business and any negotiations from this point would simply depend on how aggressive you wanted to be.

In fact, in today's market many customers are finding that one of the best tips on buying a new car is to simply use the "make them compete" strategy. This method is making it really easy to get invoice pricing without any negotiations...It doesn't get much easier than that!

That's all there is to it and as mentioned before, the car dealership should not put up too much of a fight. A key to keep in mind here is to not get caught up in the other numbers...Down payment, trade in value and monthly payments, but focus solely on the selling price of the new car.

You can focus on the other numbers after you negotiate the sale price of your new car and it is where you want it to be.

Of course, the $300 and the $750 are not set in stone numbers and you could try for invoice on domestic and $300 over for imports, but be aware that you may now be in for more negotiating then you had wanted.

If you'd like a complete step by step guide on how to buy a new car take a look at my 11 step car buying guide here: How to Buy a Car.

One last thing to keep in mind...
This method of non-negotiating may need to be adjusted for the type of car you are buying.

For instance, large trucks and SUV's don't sell as well when gas prices are high, so you may want to try for invoice to $1000 below invoice on these vehicles when gas is $3.50+ per gallon.

Just the opposite applies to in demand cars and may require you to revise these numbers upwards.

There you have it. Negotiate your new car by following these simple tips on buying a new car and you're sure to get a good discount and do it with very little negotiating effort.

Still not too excited about negotiating?
If you're still not too excited about the idea of negotiating in any way shape or form, then I'd recommend using CarsDirect. Their free new car buying service is really nice.

They show both MSRP and invoice for all new cars and then show you their guaranteed lowest price. Using CarsDirect will also allow you to bypass any car dealership salesmen.

Not only is their service free, but you also get to save some time by not needing to learn how to buy a new car, because they'll do it for you.

I hope these tips on buying a new car save you a bundle and help to reduce your stress levels. Of course, if you have any further questions, you know where to reach me New Car Questions

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