Used Car Inspection

How to Inspect a
Used Cars Interior

How to inspect a used cars interior...
The 6th of 8 steps in the used car inspection guide.

The sixth step to a good used car inspection is the cars interior inspection...and yes, you'll get to play with the radio.

At this point in your car buying inspection, although, you get to check out the radio, there are some additional things you'll want to look at. Some of these things can be surprisingly expensive!

It's What Is On
The Inside That Counts

Look for:

  • Over all condition.

  • Headliner for sagging or burn holes.

  • Burn holes or tears in the seats (look under seat covers).

  • Check seats for comfort and padding.

  • All power windows to roll up and down at an even pace.

  • Check all doors for even, easy opening and closing.

  • Check all power door locks.

  • All interior lights.

  • Smell for cigarette smoke.

  • Check the horn.

  • Check under any dash covers for cracks in the dash.

  • Windshield wipers and fluid sprayer.

  • Check that all seat belts work.

  • Check the AC to be sure it blows cold.

  • Check the heater for heat.

    Smell for any funny smells when the heater is on...A funny smell could mean a bad core.

  • How many sets of keys and keyless entry remotes come with the car?

    Few dealers will pay for this after the sale and they are expensive, sometimes up near $300 for both.

  • An owners manual (maintenance records if available).

    This is very often looked and not thought of until after the sale. Few dealers will pay for this after the sale and they usually run between $35 and $50.

  • Does it come with floor mats?

    Few dealers will pay for this after the sale and they run anywhere from $15 to $250.

  • Check anything that's power...

    Seats, mirrors, sliding doors, leveling seats, antenna, convertible top/moon roof, etc.

  • Check the radio and speakers.

    If it's a CD play a CD. Check that each speaker works. Vary the volume.

Now that you've inspected the cars interior,
What would you like to do next?

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