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The Vehicle One warranty is an excellent option to cover you and your vehicle from unexpected and costly repair bills. Their excellent coverage along with our Never Pay Retail pricing makes your decision an easy one.

In addition, Vehicle One has been in the business of protecting consumers vehicles since 1982. They were purchased by GMAC Insurance in June of 2000.

They are fully insured by Motors Insurance Corporation, a GMAC company, which also insures the General Motors Protection Plan (GMPP).

Here's what you'll find below:

What Vehicles Qualify for Coverage

Vehicles up to 10 years old with up to 150,000 miles are eligible for some level of coverage with a Vehicle One warranty. These guidelines apply to purchase of coverage at the time the vehicle is being sold, but do not apply to online sales.



My dealership can not sell coverage if your vehicle is out of the basic factory warranty. For most GM vehicles this is 3yr/36,000 miles (Cadillac, Buick and Hummer 4yr/50,000). Non GM vehicles "must" be within in 3 model years and have less than 36,000 miles no matter what the factory warranty.


Unfortunately, this is the Internet and the restrictions are a little tighter. Since we are not the dealer selling you the car, truck or SUV, we are only allowed to quote and sell coverage on vehicles still covered by the original basic factory warranty.

If your vehicle is still covered by a Certified Pre-Owned warranty, or simply by the factory powertrain warranty, then we are not able to give you a quote and/or sell you coverage.

All non-GM vehicles must be no more than 3 model years old (currently 2007) and have under 36,000 miles, no matter what the factory warranty is.


What the Vehicle One Warranty Covers

The Vehicle One warranty has four levels of coverage available. We only give quotes for and sell their Premium plan online. The Premium plan is the top of the line most comprehensive coverage they offer and is most similar to your original factory warranty.

The quote you receive will include:

  • Premium Plan Comprehensive Coverage
  • Wear and Tear Coverage (not available in KY)
  • Seals and Gaskets Coverage
  • Hi Tech Coverage

Follow this link to take a look at their online brochure: Premium Coverage.

You'll see in the brochure that the Premium plan will cover practically every mechanical component system on your vehicle. There are very few components not covered under the Premium protection plan and the brochure outlines a short example list of those items not covered.

It's an excellent coverage and claims are hassle free! With GMAC backing the coverage you'll have the same ease of use and peace of mind you would expect from any GMAC product or service.

Two Deductibles

The Premium plan comes standard with a $100 deductible which can be lowered to $50 for a small fee. When you request your quote I will send you quotes for both options.

The great thing about either deductible is that it is paid per visit and not per repair. If your vehicle has multiple repairs needed on the same visit, which is common, then you will only pay the deductible once and the remainder of covered repairs will be paid for by your Vehicle One warranty.

When Coverage Begins and Ends

Your coverage will begin from the date you purchase your Vehicle One warranty and expire exactly 4, 5, 6 or even up 7 years from that date depending on the plan you purchase.

Or, your plan will expire when the chosen amount of miles has been reached. Miles begin from 0 miles on the vehicle and are not added onto your existing mileage.

In other words, if you purchase a 100,000 mile plan and your vehicle currently has 22,000 miles on it, your coverage would expire at 100,000 miles on your odometer not 122,000 miles.

Whichever you reach first, time or miles, is when the contract expires.

Luxury Electronics

If your vehicle is equipped with "Luxury Electronics", please be sure to check the options in the Vehicle One warranty quote form below. If you do not check whatever item(s) your vehicle may have, your quote will not include coverage for these.

These options (even if selected below) are only covered if they are factory installed items.

No Cost Extras

You may have these extras included with your auto insurance or maybe an auto club, but they are included with each Vehicle One warranty at no charge and your deductible does not apply...

  • Towing (up to $100 per occurence)
  • Roadside Assistance (up to $100)
  • Lost Key/Lockout
  • Rental (up to $35 per day while your vehicle is in the shop)
  • Trip Interruption (up to $75 per day)

See your Vehicle One warranty contract for more details on each of these added benefits.


What Dealership Is Providing Your Quotes

All quotes are given and purchases made through Bradley Chevrolet, a franchised new and used car dealer. Bradley Chevrolet has two locations:

711 N. Lake Havasu Ave.
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403


2500 Industrial Park Pl.
Parker, AZ 85344

Quotes and purchases are all made through the Parker dealership and operating hours are 8am - 6pm (MST) Mon. to Fri. and Saturday's 8am - 4pm (MST).

My name is Justin and I am the Finance Manager for Bradley Chevrolet Parker. I will assist you with both quotes and purchasing your Vehicle One warranty. Simply complete the Never Pay Retail quote form below to get started.


Never Pay Retail Quotes

Please remember all vehicles must still be covered by the original basic manufacturers warranty (CPO warranties and powertrain warranties Do Not count) and all non-GM vehicles must be less than 3 years old and have less than 36,000 miles, no matter what the factory warranty.

All Vehicle One warranty plans start from the date the coverage is purchased and the miles are "up to" on the odometer, not in addition to your current odometer reading. Here are the years and miles of coverage available for...

Vehicles 4 model years or newer (currently 2006) with less than 18,000 miles:

  • 4 yr/75k miles
  • 4 yr/100k miles
  • 5 yr/75k miles
  • 5 yr/100k miles
  • 6 yr/75k miles
  • 6 yr/100k miles
  • 7 yr/85k miles

Vehicles 4 model years or newer (currently 2006) with less than 36,000 miles:

  • 4 yr/75k miles
  • 4 yr/100k miles
  • 5 yr/75k miles
  • 5 yr/100k miles

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