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If you've got used car questions, then you've come to the right place for answers. Buying a car can certainly be challenging and may raise questions about this, that or the other.

Good news for you is this, that and the other are my specialties when it comes to buying a car. I've been employed in the car business for nearly 13 years now and more than likely have the answers you're looking for.

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Some Questions for the Salesman
Before we take a look at the used car questions other visitors have asked and/or answer yours, you may want to take a look at my 10 Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car. Those should help you to avoid that dreaded buyers remorse!

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Used Car Questions

Vehicle Sales Contract Stuffed
Laura in Milwaukee, WI - A car buying scam victim -
I made a few very expensive mistakes last night. I'm hoping someone can tell me if I can fix them. When the finance person (who spoke extremely fast) went over the vehicle sales contract with me, she made it sound as if...

Used Car Deposit Refund From Car Dealer
Sandro of Toronto Canada
My wife and I recently put a deposit on a used vehicle. We put a $500.00 deposit on the vehicle which was worth approximately $15,800.00. After 3 days ...

Trade In Payoff and Car Buying Negotiating
Ryan L. of Long Island, NY
Hi Justin, I had written in the other day regarding the value of my trade-in at the dealership. Thanks for your quick response on this site. I thought of two other quick questions that I was hoping to get your input on...

Trade With Negative Equity
Ed in New Jersey
Question...I bought a 2007 Limited Ford Explorer after my divorce...I rolled negative equity into the loan. I owe 33k..I hate this truck and really want my Tahoe...

VW Credit Auto Loan and No GAP Insurance
Tomm G. of El Mirage, AZ
Hello, my wife just totaled our Volkswagen Beetle and it turns out we did not have gap insurance coverage, so I am in big trouble and owe about $8,500....

Planet Ford - Used 2008 Toyota Camry
Used car questions from Karen F. in TX
Hi Justin, I'm looking at a used Toyota Camry and the price on the Planet Ford website has dropped over $4,000 in a week, is this legit or...

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Even More Questions

There is a ton of information to be found here, so be sure to check out some of the used car questions other visitors have asked...

Internet Price vs Dealer Floor Price 
Question: Why is the internet price vs a car dealers floor price so much different? It seems like the dealers have lower prices for vehicles …

Gap Insurance 
Question: In the mail today, my friend received 2 checks in the amount of $169 from a major Auto Dealership in Minnesota. Each check referenced …

Pay cash for an older car or finance a slightly newer car 
Question: I'm looking to get a used car. I'll be making about $3000 monthly. I just graduated from college and this will be my first full time …

Choice between a 1999 Civic 4 door or a Cavalier VLX 2002 
Question: We have to get rid of one of our cars (1999 Civic 4 door DX and a Cavalier 4 door VLX 2002) and we are wondering which one we should …

Bought a used car 
Question: About two days ago my husband bought his friends car and to date his friend has not given him the papers for the vehicle. All that …

Dealer Sold Car With Deposit On It! 
Question: Dealer sold car with deposit on it!!! I was recently with a friend who was in the market for a car, so we went out one Saturday afternoon …

Sign Next of Kin Papers to Buy a Car 
Question: Do I have to sign next of kin papers when buying a 2007 car from dealership????? I'm putting $1500 down and paying $286 month...It's …

How to Negotiate When Buying a Car Private Party 
Question: I have read here how to negotiate the best price when selling a private party car, but how can I negotiate the best price when buying …

First Time Car Buyer Loans 
Question: I am completely clueless, with that being said...Lets say I save $2,000-$3,000 I have no credit and I want to buy a used $7,000 car. …

Vehicle Value When a Model Line Ends 
Question:} SIR: I just read that the Nissan Frontier Model may end in a couple of years. Does the value of the vehicle diminish more so if that

Used Car Deposit 
Question: On or about 9/14/10 I with my 16 year old son put a deposit of $500.00 cash down on a used car he wanted at a dealership. We received …

Understanding VIN Number on 1995 Mercury Cougar 
I am trying to understand the numbers and letters of my VIN number for my 1995 Mercury Cougar; however, I keep getting so far and then not as far as …

Looking for a specific used car and can't find it 
Visitor: I am looking for a very specific used make and model and I know the price that I want to stay close to. I also want a very specific …

2004 PT Cruiser GT Turbo 
Question: I'm planning on buying a 2004 PT Cruiser GT Turbo that has only 5000 miles on it. The problem is since the car is pretty much new that …

Chrysler 2002 Town and Country Limited 
Question: I would like to know the size of the engine, the transmission and the wheels the 2002 Chrysler Town and Country limited comes with. …

Will used cars come with spare tire & jack 
Question: My car did not have a spare tire or jack. Isn't is suppose to come with those 2 things? Answer: Hi Vivian. I'm not …

Transfer Chrysler Warranty across border on used caravan 
Question: I am interested in purchasing a used caravan in the USA and would like to know if the warranty is transferable into Canada. Answer:

Can I back out of used car deal? 
Question: I bought a use car from a local dealer and traded in a car. Can I return the car and get my trade in? Answer: Unfortunately, …

Max Amount of Money a Bank Will Loan on a Specific Used Vehicle 
Question: It's a 2005 Ford Supercrew 4 Dr F150 Lariat. Answer: The top credit union I am currently working with will lend up to 110% …

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