Anguished in PA

by Phyllis E
(Meadville, PA)

Visitor Review: Drive/Santander choose not to communicate with me about my account.

My husband and I had to file for bankruptcy but, Drive took the account on. After the bankruptcy they no longer sent me a monthly statement. I tried to keep the payments going to them but must admit that I missed a few.

This morning (1am Sunday morning, August 14, 2010) I heard sounds outside my home. I investigated and found a tow truck hooking up to my car. A couple of minutes later, the driver came to the door and asked if I needed anything out of the car as he was taking it.

I protested it and sat in the car hoping to keep it from being taken. The State Police were called in and told me I had to let the tow truck take the car.

I was so angry and frustrated at having no recourse to turn to that I did not remove anything from the vehicle. (Of course there things in there that I need!)

I can only now wait until Monday morning to try to get some answers from Drive/Santander.

I m very frustrated and can't believe that the towing company did not have any paper work stating that they have the vehicle, they did not identify themselves nor do I know the name of the towing company.

I realize now that I should have asked these questions last night, but do the the shock and frustration of the situation, I completely neglected to gather my wits about me.

I can't believe that I received no notification or communication from this company. Apparently, once you file for bankruptcy you completely give up information about your own financial situation.

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