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One - Complete - Solution!

Drive Financial Services is a discount lender that offers, what they call, their "One Complete Solution" for bad credit auto loans.

Each of the words above represents a main credit tier that a customer, based on Drive's internal scorecard, would fit into.

A great aspect of Drive Financial Services program is that your credit score, whether 300 or 800, has no affect on their approvals.

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Seeing as how you would probably not be reading this page if you had an 800 credit score this is good news for you. It is also very rare for a customer to get turned down for an auto loan.

FYI: I am not affiliated with Drive Financial Services and this page is simply a review of their lending program. I do not endorse them or condemn them...This page is solely for informational purposes!

What's covered below:

Bad Credit? Repo, BK, Divorce. Let us help!
No Obligation Auto Loan Quotes

Who Drive Financial Services
Loans To and How To Get Approved

There are very few customers that Drive Financial will not approve for an auto loan.

I've been able to get auto loans approved for customers in a wide range of credit situations, including but not limited to:

  • multiple repossessions
  • bankruptcy
  • no credit
  • limited credit with bad accounts, etc.

I've even had customers get approved with a repossession the same day they bought their new car. Even with Drive knowing that the customer just had a repossession that day, they still approved them for an auto loan.

That's Strong!

In fact, about the only credit situation that Drive seems to really shy away from is major derogatory credit issues after a bankruptcy. This is typically, one of the few times, when I will see turn downs from Drive Financial.

Drive Financial Does Not
Loan Direct To The Consumer

This is true with all subprime auto lenders and Drive only lends indirectly to consumers through car dealerships. That's okay, because you'll want a special finance loan specialist that can structure you the best loan.

Drive does offer no money down auto loans for their "One" tier customers and limited money down for their "Complete" tier customers. Their "Solution" tier customers usually need a minimum of $1,000-$1,500 down.

Oftentimes, a trade ins equity can substitute for a cash down payment. That's a big bonus...!

To find loan specialists in your local area that work with Drive Finacial and/or other similar bad credit auto lenders complete this 60 second application and get your No Obligation Auto Loan Quotes.

Drive Financial Is Your
"One Complete Solution"

  • One

    Is Drive's top tier and is made up of 3 sub tiers; A, B and C.

    I don't know that I've ever seen an approval in this tier. The only dealers that I think use Drive for these tiers are independent dealers that have limited finance sources.

  • Complete

    Is Drive's middle of the road tier and is made up of 3 sub tiers; D, E and F.

    For customers approved in one of these tiers, there will be less requirements for funding and typically less money down required.

  • Solution

    Is Drive's bottom tier and is made up of 4 sub tiers; G, H, I and J.

    These are the big discount tiers, more on discounts below, with high APR's. Will usually require customers to have a nice down payment for the loan to structure right.

How Their
Discounts Affect You

Being a discount lender may sound like it would be a good thing for customers, but in reality the discount is taken from the total amount financed and will in no way benefit you, the customer.

In fact, this discount all but eliminates any chance of the customer getting any type of "discount" off the selling price.

If you were to purchase a car for $10,000 and your total amount to be financed was also $10,000, then Drive would charge the dealer an acquisition fee (the discount) of anywhere up to 27%.

What this means in this case is that the dealer will be charged a $2,700 acquisition fee (27% of $10,000) in order for Drive to fund the deal. That's a big fee!

What would normally be $2,700 that you might be able to negotiate off the sales price is now a fee the dealer has to pay to Drive in order to get your auto loan approved and funded.

That may sound crazy to you, but Drive is in the high risk auto loan business and has to try and protect itself from losses. These types of fees are very common with subprime auto loans.

This is not to say that you can't try to negotiate a lower price, but don't be too surprised if the dealer is not willing to budge much...There simply isn't much "wiggle" room.

This is one of the main reasons why it is so important to stay on top of your credit. Clean up what's legitimately yours and dispute what's not to raise your credit score fast. Check your credit score - Fast, Free & Easy at

What You'll
Need For Funding

There are some very standard funding requirements that Drive will have and just about any approval they give will require these items before they will fund:

  • Proof of Income (paycheck stub, bank statements, etc.)
  • Proof of Residence (utility bill)
  • Proof of Insurance (Max $500 deductible)
  • Complete Phone Bill
  • 5 Complete References (Family, Friends, Co-workers, etc.)
  • Valid in State Drivers License

If you do not have one or more of these, then let the special finance manager know ahead of time and they can help to figure out what else might work.

From A Car
Dealers Stand Point

Drive Financial Good:

  • They approve most all applications.

  • They finance up to 72 months (most subprime lenders don't).

  • Quick application decisions (typically less than 10 minutes).

  • Loan to value up to 130% of wholesale book (most applicants don't qualify for the max, but when they do it helps with the fees).

  • Accept fresh repossessions, like the same day customer buys their new car.

  • Do not care about credit scores...300 FICO's welcome.

Drive Financial Bad:

  • Really do not like negative after a BK, especially major delinquencies.

  • Customers past credit may lead to very large discounts which can make it hard to structure a deal without a large down payment.

All in all, Drive has loosened up quite a bit recently and fees to the dealer have gone down dramatically, which means dealers are able to sell more cars and customers are getting approved to buy more cars.

Two years ago they were one of my top lenders, but they tightened up for awhile and we sent them far fewer deals. As mentioned, they've recently begun to loosen up and they are working their way back up to the top.

How much will they loan you? Find bad credit loan specialists in your local area that work with Drive Financial Services and similar lenders...Apply for an Auto Loan Online - Bad Credit Okay!

Customer Service
and Payoff Information

Drive Financial Services was purchased in 2006 by Santander Bank and has remained headquartered in Dallas, TX.

Here is some quick contact information:

Customer Service and Payoff Information
(888) 222-4227

Customer Payments (Regular Mail)
Drive Financial Services
P.O. Box 660633
Dallas, TX 75266-0633

Customer Payments (Overnight Mail)
Drive Financial Services
1010 W. Mockingbird Ln. Ste. 100
Dallas, TX 75247

Dealers Contact Information

Credit Analyst (Dealers Only)
(888) 540-5626, then dial 0

Funding Center (Dealer Only)
(800) 877-4696

Lien Holder Address (Dealer)
Drive Financial
PO Box 25120
Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-5120

Overnight and Contract Packages (Dealer)
Drive Financial
eDocs Program, Ste 2039
4054 Willow Lake Blvd
Memphis, TN 38153

Regular Mail and Contract Packages (Dealer)
Drive Financial
eDocs Program, Ste 2039
4070 Willow Lake Blvd
Memphis, TN 38118

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