by Noami Perez
(Portage, Indiana)

Visitor Review: I am furious! Drive Financial has my title on hold. The Department of Motor Vehicles in Portage, Indiana will not release my title because Drive Financial has not indicated that I paid off my car!

All I want is what is due me. My TITLE.

Does anyone out there know what number to call or whom to speak to? Pls Help~!


Hi Naomi,

Drive Financial is owned by Santander Bank and you may have to contact them. Here is the phone number to their customer service and a link to contact them:

Santander: 888-222-4227

Santander Customer Service

Get in touch with them and be sure the account is paid 100% in full. There may be some small amount (even as little as a couple of dollars) still owed and that is holding up the release of your title.

Hope this helps,

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