Drive Financial, Beware of the Unbelievable


Visitor Review: I had financed a 2004 Impala with Drive, purchased 9/2006. Well I recently traded the car in for the big rebates that were offered in 7/2009. The dealer called to get a payoff amount and Drive provided them with one. Then several (2) months after trading it in I get an alert on my CBR.

Drive said that my payment was late and I didn't even have the car anymore, they said they never received a call for payoff, but they already cashed the payoff check!!!!

Now how does that sound?

They did not want to discuss with the dealer about why they had not released the title. The issue was finally resolved. But to all you car shoppers and dealers beware and make sure you get names with every call. So that you can reference to your conversation. I'm sure glad I did!!!!!!!!!!!!

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