Run Fast and Far From This Company: Drive Fianancial/Santander/Pinnacle/Triad Financial

by Jane Doe

Visitor Review: This Company went "belly up" sold/changed names, based out of Spain.... and breaks "every" law you can think of with its Consumers.

If you have a loan with this Company and/or the Alias names it goes by.... Seek a Lawyer Immediately, notify your AG's Office, Homeland Security, the BBB, The CCA of Texas (or your State), the FDCPA, and ALL News Media - Local and National, to stop these Criminals from doing Business in Our Beautiful Country - U.S.A!!!!!!!!!!

If You Do Not have a Loan with these Companies.... Run the other way and find a "Legal" Company with a Respectable Reputation to help you. A Vehicle worth $500.00 will cost you roughly $20,000. It's just not worth it people.....

God's Speed.... Let's shut them down!!!!!!!!!!

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