Drive Financial is Scandalous!

by Anonymous

Visitor Review: This Company (Drive Financial), now named Santander Consumer USA, practices "illegal" methods to extort money from its Customers. They are a collection Agency before they are a Loan/Financing Company.

If you are considering a loan with this Company, run as far and fast as you can because they will NEVER allow you to have your Car Title, by keeping you tied up in "illegal" fee practices.

I'm supposed to have only one payment left, and they are claiming a whole bunch of Misc. fees that they refuse to address/justify. They threaten, harass, and strip you of your Consumer Rights.

I'm preparing to obtain legal assistance to stop their illegal actions. I have my own tape recorded conversations, chat sessions, and more importantly... my contract that I'm able to read and understand, along with Bank Statements proving my Account is current vs. delinquent... something they refuse to acknowledge.

I'm also reporting Drive Financial to the Attorney Generals Office, BBB, CCA of Texas. Refer to the following Website to see just how awful Consumers like me are being treated by this Company. Then, run.... Pissed Consumer, to read more Drive Financial complaints!

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