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New and Used Car Negotiating Service - Negotiating with a car dealer just got a whole lot easier! It's the ultimate Peace of Mind...

Car salesmen hate this service, but you're gonna love it! That said, as much as you might love it...

You do not need this service!

I've loaded this site with all kinds of tips, tricks and advice for buying a car and if you take the time to explore all that is offered here, then you can do this on your own. Simply start here -> Car Buying Guide and by the time you're done you'll be a car buying pro!

But, if you:

  • Want professional, unbiased advice
  • Want a professional to review the car dealers offer to you:

    I'll review and advise you on:

    • Sales Price
    • Trade In Value (Are they lowballing your trade in?)
    • Financing (Are they marking up your interest rate?)
    • Warranty Price (If you want one)
    • GAP Insurance Price (If you want it)

  • Want to make your new or used car negotiation easier and faster...

Or, if you don't want to:

  • Buy a vehicle for $25,000 when you could've paid $23,500
  • Accept $8,000 for your trade in when it's worth $9,000
  • Finance at 8% when you may have qualified for 6%
  • Pay $2,500 for a $1,300 extended warranty

    and on and on and on...

Then my FREE new and used car negotiating service is the only way to go!

FYI: Actually, the best way to MAXimize your savings is to read my Steps to Buying a Car in the car buying guide and "then" use my negotiation service.

Keep in mind that once you sign that contract, You Own It! Don't make a 4, 5, 6 or possibly 7 year mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.

Not to mention the much higher monthly payments that are loaded with the car dealers profits! Every $1000 you might overpay equals roughly $20-$30 more per monthly payment.

New and Used Car Negotiating Service


  • About Me
  • How it Works
  • Who Qualifies
  • Registration Form

About Me

My name is Justin and structuring car deals, plus new and used car negotiating is what I do for a living.

I have over a decades worth of experience in the car business and have been apart of thousands upon thousands of car deals. Quite frankly, there is not a whole lot I haven't seen.

On top of my years of experience, I have access to all the same tools the dealers do...

  • MSRP and Invoice Values (most makes)
  • NADA (dealer version)
  • Kelley Blue Book (dealer version)
  • Auction Values (dealer only)
  • Deal Structure Software (to be sure they are not hiding money or deceiving you about your "real" payment)

Even if I were to show you how to only save $300 wouldn't it be worth the small 15-20 minute investment of time? But, what if I showed you how to save $3,000? Then it's a no-brainer, right?

How it Works!

My new and used car negotiating service requires no money out of your pocket and the only repayment I require in order to use my service is to simply "Like" my brand new FaceBook page:


No need to reach into your wallet and spend any money to save any money! After "Liking" me (thank you, I need all the friends I can get:), I'd just need you to follow the 1, 2, 3 easy steps below...

  1. Get Quotes Online

    Don't waste your time going dealership to dealership! What used to be accomplished in days can be done in minutes now. Shop online!!! It saves tons of time and it's much more competitive.

    I recommend you get Free Price Quotes at In fact, by filling out one simple quote request form you'll get up to 5 competitive quotes from dealers in your local area.

    Competition = Bigger and Faster Discounts!

    Once the quotes are in, simply contact whichever dealer you want to work with. The savings are amazing...and their service is free! Start here ->

    For used cars click the link above and look to the top left for "Used Cars for Sale" to begin searching.

    After you've received your quotes from TrueCar, take a look at to compare pricing. CarsDirect has an excellent new car buying service that allows you to completely bypass the car salesman.

    If the quotes you received from TrueCar are significantly better, than it is probably worth it to work with a salesman.

    On the other hand, if CarsDirect wins, then it's an easy decision to bypass the car salesman by using their new car buying service... New car negotiating doesn't get much easier than that!

  2. Complete the form below.

    Now you'll want to fill out the new and used car negotiating form below (don't go just yet, be sure to read step 3), so I can get familiar with your deal.

    Give me links to the vehicle(s) that you are interested in. Simply highlight the URL (website address, ex.****) in the address bar at the top of your browser, copy and paste it into the form below.

    If you've given me enough information at this time I will try and give you some tips for negotiating with the car dealer based on how aggressive you've told me you want to be.

    If you've followed my advice and used either TrueCars or CarsDirect for a new car purchase it is unlikely there will be much if any room to negotiate price, but you can still negotiate your trade in value, financing, etc.

    FYI: In addition, if you want my help with interest rates and financing, please review your credit so you can gauge how strong it is or if there are any problems you may or may not have known about.

    If you have never reviewed your credit, or haven't in awhile, you can Get your Credit Score at for free.

  3. Get as much information about the deal that you can.

    The preferred method is to:

    • Find the vehicle you want on TrueCar or CarsDirect
    • Drive the vehicle you want
    • Make sure you want to buy this vehicle
    • Make sure you "can" buy this vehicle (if financing you can let the dealer run credit at this point), and;
    • Gather as much information from the Deal Information Sheet as possible.

    Let the dealer make you an offer and either negotiate your best deal or simply gather as much information about the offer as you can. The more information you can get me, the greater potential for larger savings.

    Once you've gathered that info, see if you can:

    • Borrow the vehicle for the night (preferred)
    • Borrow the vehicle for a few hours; or,
    • If you are willing to wait until tomorrow, then simply leave without the vehicle (beware, the vehicle could sell); and,
    • Complete the Deal Recap Form.

    At this point I'll be able to see where you're at in the deal. I will either congratulate you on the great deal you've negotiated or show you where you can possibly save even more.

    One way or the other, the Peace of Mind knowing that you did not get "Ripped Off" or "Scammed" is priceless!

Who Qualifies!

My new and used car negotiating service is for visitors:

  • Buying most new cars, trucks, SUV's or minivans (sorry, no leases)
  • Buying used cars, trucks, SUV's or minivans (sorry, no leases)
  • Have average to above average credit (for finance customers)

I cannot help (at this time) visitors:

  • Buying Private Party
  • Buying exotic vehicles
  • Buying classic vehicles
  • Buying luxury vehicles (Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, etc.)
  • That will be leasing (coming soon though)
  • Buying from a Buy Here Pay Here dealer
  • With really bad credit (consider Auto Credit Express)
  • Buying "new" Chevrolet vehicles (conflict of interest)

Registration Form!

If you are unsure of something or it does not apply you can simply skip the question (unless there is an *), but keep in mind the more information you can give me the better I can help you. I don't rent, sell or share any of your information.

Please read my new and used car negotiating service Disclaimer and Terms

New and Used Car
Negotiating Service

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


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