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Warranty is a scam!
by: Anonymous

I bought a car from Drive Time a year ago this month. Their big selling point was the unlimited warranty for 3 years or 36,000. My car has broken down TWICE in the last year and the warranty hasn't covered either issue. They make you take your vehicle to a garage of their chosing to have it looked at, which costs 50 dollars. After paying the 50 dollars the garage gives you an estimate twice of which the repairs are worth. Both times I had to pay for the repairs myself plus the 50 dollar estimate fee! I could have taken the car to Auto Zone and had it done for free!

This last time I called and asked if I could have two of my car payments moved to the back of my loan since I was paying over 500.00 to get my car fixed. The girl said yes, just fax the estimate, which I did. Then a guy emailed saying that i had to send proof of employment, two pay stubs and two referrals.

Why are they making me jump through hoops in order to have this done? I can't afford to fix their stupid car (that I'm paying too much for in the first place ) AND pay for repairs!
I would NEVER recommend Drive Time to anyone. They call and threaten and harass you and your family members.

I'm getting rid of the vehicle and Drive Time the first chance i get!

DriveTime Houston, TX
by: Glinen W.

I gave a down payment on Saturday, after leaving the lot I realized they did not give me a key pad. I called back and they said the car does not have a key pad.

I took the car to see if I could get the alarm disabled and the auto shop said they they needed the key pad, then said to go back and ask the dealer for it.

I called DriveTime and was told they didn't have it. I was put on hold and no one came to the phone. I still don't have a key pad.

In addition, the check engine light came on Sunday the next day after leaving the lot. I called DT repairs and took the car to the auto shop. It was finally approved to be maintenance.

Extensive work was done to the car and after hours at the auto shop I finally drove away. The check engine light came on again. I called DT repairs and they said their system was down and to call back the next day which was the Fourth of July week.

I have not had a chance to enjoy the car since i got it. The car is now outside parked and I have not even paid the first note. I only drove the car from dealership to home to auto shop.

decent option for bad credit
by: Anonymous

I was lucky to have a really great sales agent. Now I will say because this is a bad credit place you will pay way more than the worth of the car. The interest will be very high and the price of the car will be high. However if you have no other option it really is better than the "buy here pay here" local dealerships you'll find.

One time I got a call saying I had a late payment when I didn't and I called the company back stating I had an email confirmation to prove it and they said "no problem." Twice I have actually been late and have no received any calls or reminders and nothing negative has been reported on my credit so that was good.

The warranty is limited and they do tell you that (or atleast my agent did). Also their website is very specific on what their warranty covers and yes you will pay 50 bucks to get your car looked at to find the problem even. Still it's not bad if you have a specific and major problem. Do not depend on it for everything because you can't. Also you HAVE to use your 3 free oil changes a year (why wouldn't you) and keep the maintenance up on the car or you will void your warranty. The agent that sold me my car did tell me that upfront.

I have had problems with my left headlight since not long after I bought the car and have fixed it twice. Also I had to buy brake pads about a month after I got the car. Remember though these are used cars and while they give you a car history report it's not carfax like we all know of. It's their own report. One of the cars I test drove that I did not buy had the dash falling out of it when I opened it. That is not a big deal maybe but I wouldn't pay for a car that is clearly falling apart no matter what it does or doesn't affect. So know what you are buying.

All in all I have been financially stretched but my car is still in good running shape, the free oil changes are great and it has infact improved my credit and will end up being worth it I believe when I've payed the car off.

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