DriveTime Auto Sales the Good, the Bad and Ugly!

by Don B.
(Anaheim, CA)

Visitor Review I went into Drive Time to help my brother get a car. He could not be financed any where else. After sitting down with the credit manager I was told it would be better to write the loan under just my name. I told my brother that if that was the case lets go somewhere else. The finance manager said if my brother could prove that he was making the payments for 6 months they would add him to the loan and he could rebuild his credit. I agreed. At first it was fine. My wife and I made the payments for my brother for the first 6 months and everything was running smooth. Once we stopped making the payments that's when it went south.

My brother was late numerous times. They would call and harass me and EVERYONE on my brothers contact list DAILY! The people that do collections for drive time corporate are completely rude and speak to you in a manner that would not be acceptable in any other environment. They like to make rude comments like "why aren't you paying your bills on time."

A few times I lost my temper and became verbally abusive to them. Especially since I had told them more than once my brother had the car. Later they even told me that it was illegal to buy a car in your name for someone else. I laughed and told them it was their idea.

However, recently we have taken possession of this vehicle and made the payments on time. Since then we have had no issues. They have reported on my credit that the payments have always been on time even though I know my brother was late a couple times. The people that work in the Downey office in California are EXTREMELY nice and very helpful.

If you have bad credit and will actually pay your bill on time I think DriveTime Auto Sales is great. If you are habitually paying late and you have bad credit, well you don't deserve a car anyways.

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