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Thanks for sharing!
by: Justin
(Editor in Chief)

Hi James,

It sounds like DriveTime went above and beyond to keep you happy upfront...What they did for you originally was way more than the majority of dealers would have done.

I am not quite sure what went wrong there at the end however.

I can tell you that when a car is a total loss and the insurance company settles for less than what is owed to the lender (in this case DriveTime Oklahoma City) it is the customers responsibility to pay the remaining balance.

This is why GAP insurance has become such a popular product. It pays the balance so the customer doesn't have to.

As for trying to sue for the interest, that certainly was a scare tactic. That would be the equivalent of charging a cash buyer interest on a loan. Doesn't make sense!

Why they wouldn't sell you another car, I don't know. That sounds very weird to me if the other loan (G6) was satisfied.

I'm also not quite sure why they would be bringing anything having to do with the F150 into the equation, unless they didn't simply take the F150 back, but treated as a trade in on the G6.

If they did take it in on trade, there may have been some negative equity...At least that's the only thing I can think of without knowing all the details.

I am no lawyer, but I don't know that there is going to be much recourse here for you due to what I mentioned above where the customer is responsible for the unpaid balance after a total loss situation.

It sounds like they were trying to work with you out the gate and for some reason or another things went south after the accident.

It's hard for me to point fingers without all the details however and it's sad to hear that things went the way they went.

Thanks for sharing your experience with the Oklahoma City DriveTime...

Take care,

Ridiculous thugs
by: Anonymous

In short, I went with my son who has at best poor to no credit. He found a small truck he liked. The price on the vehicle seemed a little high, so we told the sales person we wanted to wait and discuss the matter. Of course, he came back with," If someone else likes the car we will sell it."

We live 2 hrs from the lot, so the sales person said," if you leave your card number(much like holding a hotel room) we can hold the truck for 45 days. This took place on the phone on the way home. He told us that my son would have to come back, this was Saturday prior to Memorial day, on Tuesday to sign the card reciept for $200 hold.

My son found a truck at a "real" dealership and called to tell them he wouldn't be in to sign and didn't want to hold the vehicle.

He was told that they already sent the payment through but that he had to come back and sign the paper and also that he had to sign a paper that allowed them to refund his money.

I called myself to tell them that we weren't coming 2hrs to sign a paper that they shouldn't have sent anyway. I told them that they were just Covering their a** because they had no authority to charge his card yet. I told them that they had that day to get the money into his account.

They backtracked and said they would fax both papers at the same time, the allowance of the $200 and for the allowance of the $200 to be put back. I told them it was stupid of them to think that we wouldn't know that if they had the capability to take the money without his consent, that they definitely had it to put it back.

When all was said and done, they actually had his money back into his account before they faxed both papers.

My son's bank stated that they had illegally withdrawn from his account and if he wanted, they could file a grievance against them. We said no. Being happy to just be done with the clowns.

By the way, the reason we didn't go with their truck was because it was over double what blue book was on it. I expected it to be higher due to credit issues, but double? and on top of that they wanted 16%interest.

People need to stand up to predators like this! Get tough and don't stand back and get taken. Grow a backbone and they tend to back off. Lesson learned.

Never buy or even shop from DriveTime and I will yell it from the highest mountain for everyone to hear, Steer clear of these thieving clowns. If it sounds too good to be true it is.

My advice, take the 380 to 400 dollars a month the would charge you, not to mention the Full insurance on top of that and get an older car that you can pay cash for. No sense in buying something worth $7,000 for $20,000.

DriveTime is the perfect name for the company, they just need to preface it with," Npw bend over, it's __________."

really james??!!
by: Anonymous

It's sounds to me like they went above expectations by trying to fix the problem, like the gentleman said: if you wrecked the car ( your fault or not) It's not their fault neither. How can a reasonable man expect for a balance on the loan to be covered just because you got rear ended!!!! Maybe you should have got GAP insurance on your own and they would have taken care of it. Their Job is to sell a car and i'm sure they would have loved to sell you another one and forgive the first loan as long as the second one is paid. But you can't just expect to walk away from a adult situation by blaming how their process works . i wouldn't be surprised if you went there and acted in not so much of a professional way, thinking this is the ice age and want them to bow down to you by maybe threatning to sue or else. they probably decided it was in both parties interest to cut the losses and not sell you another vehicle.
it Just kills me how people can be so ignorant and make it as an excuse to walk away from their adult obligations, that by the way is a legal binding contract.
All they were trying to do is help you get back in track on your credit because i read in some other reviews that they do indeed report on a monthly basis to all three of them, but it kind of shows from reading your review, what put you on that financial situation to begin with = Walking away from your responsabilities!!

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