DriveTime Oklahoma City - The Good and Bad

by James
(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma )

Visitor Review Well, to put it blunt as I can I bought a car from DriveTime in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Everything started off great. Then turned kind of south matter of factly.

I didn't understand their down payment and interest system, so I didn't end up buying a car from them that day.

I learned a bit more about how their system worked and figured it was fair considering I don't have bad credit, but ZERO credit, thus making it hard for me to buy much on credit.

I went back to them and my step son and I looked over a bunch of cars. We found a 2007 Chevy HHR LS model I was going to purchase.

The Sales manager realized that the sales rep had made a mistake on how much a month I made and corrected it. Suddenly it opened up a lot more cars for me and I decided on a 2004 Ford F 150 Super Cab instead.

From the time I drove it off the lot it started to have one problem after another. Three days into owning the vehicle I called the Oklahoma City DriveTime dealership back and they told me to call the warranty center.

To my surprise, they not only offered to have everything wrong with my truck fixed, they also waived my 50 dollar co pay. I dropped my truck off to the shop and explained to them what all I found wrong with it.

By the end of the day they had found another 7 things wrong with the Truck. At this point I was very frustrated over a truck that I was paying 24K for thinking I was sold a lemon.

Again DriveTime surprised me by telling me to just bring the truck back and see if there was something else on the lot that I liked.

I brought the truck back on a Monday and I ended up with a very nice, clean and excellent running 2007 Pontiac G6 GT. Loaded with all the good stuff and all the performance that a G6 had to offer. The price was a bit more but I needed the car so I took it.

I had not one problem with this car. I was very satisfied with the car. Well I ended up being rear ended by a guy in a 2000 1 ton Dodge 4 Wheel Drive that crushed the back of my car.

The mans insurance was very quick to handle things for me and all was great until the adjuster came out and told me my car was a total loss.

I contacted DriveTime and things went to hell in a hand basket. They told me even though it was not my fault that
the guy hit me I had to pay them "x" amount of dollars to as they said "Satisfy" the loan.

I said okay to that and asked what about my car. They said that would be no problem come down and pick another car and we will put it on hold for you. So I went down this afternoon to do exactly what they said.

When I got there the story had changed. I had to pay the $500 or else they were going to make me pay the balance. I asked them what balance. They explained to me that they would not get their asking price from the insurance company.

Well wait a damn minute that is not my fault. The state of Oklahoma value's the car at 15K for excise tax purposes. I bought the car for 17K. so that's 2K difference right.

Then they added the 12k in interest and other fees and told me that they would sue me for it if I didn't pay them the $500.00 dollars.

They also told me they had 3 G6's on their lot which they did, but I did not qualify for any of them although all but one of them was a year older or less then what I paid for my G6.

They also told me they couldn't guaranty what I would qualify for so basically they ended up with my $600.00 dollar down payment plus a 175 doc and restock fee for the F 150 which I paid just so I could get into another car. Then the $500.00 and now I wont be getting another car from them without a new down payment.


They lied just to get the extra $500.00 from me. told me I wouldn't have to pay a dime to be put into another car. The car is getting paid off!

That should and normally would put me in the positive with a company right? Not in their eyes.

They said I shouldn't have been in the accident. WAIT A DAMN minute!!! I was Rear Ended on the freeway by a guy going 30+ miles an hour faster then me. How is that my fault?

Needless to say I ended up just another statistic of Drive time. They lie to get what they want and then become short and hostile real quick.

And if you have any backbone at all they will force it out of you with their thug like antics and then refuse to sell you another car. So off to see a lawyer Tuesday and yet another lawsuit against DriveTime they have to face.

A sad way to end what I thought was the perfect relationship with the Oklahoma City DriveTime.

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