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Same to me
by: Pierina y ramos

I bought a car a month ago and then the warning light came on. I took my car to the shop to diagnose my car and they find out the transmission is bad and has electrical problems.

It has been 4 days now and they told me I have to pay from my paycheck. The electrical problem cost around 600 dollars and they cover the rest.

Right now I don't have any transportation and they did not help me with a rental car yet and I'm so sad I feel like they just ripped me off. They suck..... I put whole my saving in there and now my account is empty... No car, no money and I'm still paying for the car... lol!!!!

inspect the car
by: a smart car buyer

Really you have nobody to blame but yourself. You should have inspected the car before you bought it. I dont care what a company says when i am getting ready to hand over alot of money for anything i always have it inspcted. really its your loss you should have read the contract better and did what all smart buyers do.

Insider to Drive Time who's on the fence...
by: Anonymous

I'm an employee Drive Time, who has recently been contemplating buying a car from them.

But from the volume of calls I receive from purchasers of DT vehicles, I can't help but become reluctant.

Many complaints are from major repairs needed to be performed when the vehicles aren't even 48 hours sold, or 60 days sold.

As a consumer one would have to ask themselves:

1. How can vehciles need such maintenance and costly repairs so soon after being sold?

2. Why would these vehicles repeatedly need the same repairs done over and over and over again?

3. Where did these vehicles come from?

4.How many customers bothered to test drive and/or have vehicle inspected by their own mechanic?

5. Why don't they read the details of their warranty?

6. Why after noticing the vehicle obviously running rough, or making loud sounds would you take the chance and buy it anyway?

7.Why wouldn't you visit an established used car dealership, instead?

8. If you know you have terrible credit why would you expect to receive a reliable vehicle with a monthly payment of $350 or more car note?

9. Did you ever think to ask what is the procedure if the vehicle needed maintenance/repairs?(And if recommended to visit an off site mechanic, why was this okay to you?

10. Why wouldn't you do online research, before investing your money?

Now as an employee, I can ask these questions to anyone of my customers but honestly, people usually want whatever looks & sounds good. We tell ourselves we will be the exception.

There's got to be a way to benefit from the limited warranty and stay in possession of a potentially good vehicle. But we've got to stop being so desperate and gullible ,and start doing our homework.

Honestly the fault of so many customers repair complaints lie with some of the lazy, no count mechanics, who only fix these vehicles good enough til they receive their checks and then the vehicles, display the same exact need for servicing.

DT needs to follow up with customers on the level of satisfaction to their repairs, and discontinue referring customers to auto shops who aren't accountable or servicing these vehicles properly in the first place.

The resources & information is right at our fingertips. You can even get a FREE diagnostic at your local Auto Zone. So although I haven't decided if I'm going with DT or not, I do know me deciding to buy one of DT's cars, I will pray and ask the Lord to guide my steps, and decision.

But I cannot and will not allow any tempting warranty cloud my judgement, or ignore my common sense when I know the horror stories I've heard.

worthless NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been very upset with drivetime they got the insurance money to have my car repair from a hit and run accident the car has been in the shop now gor 4 months and the people has called drive Time several times but they have not returned any calls...I am talking to a lawyer today and am going to auction the car off drivetime are worthless people..they will fuck you over...

Drivetime Took My Car and My Money! NEW
by: Kevin Archer

Thanks for sharing the nice article. It's really difficult these days to deal with a car. Maintenance has been much more important and also it is needed by the car. A proper maintenance extends the life of car. Audi Repair Woodland Hills. Keep posting.

New DT customer NEW
by: Anonymous

So far so good with the purchase of my car. I have to agree with the DT employee who posted. You MUST do your research first and take advantage of the 5 day "grace period" as well as 30 warranty. Not only did i take my cousin with me(who's a mechanic) to test drive my vehicle but to check the oil and give a quick look over before I signed any paperwork. Also, the day after i purchased it i took it to another big mechanic who worked on my old car for 10 years. They only found that my battery needed to be replaced which i then took it to the place that Averex told me to go to for a new battery. Again, no issues. yes it is annoying to talk to the warranty peeps and sometimes DT when calling with questions, but its not really logical to have high expectations when you go to a glorified by here pay here place. If my credit was up to par i would have gone to a real dealership to get all teh perks, but this is a lesson learned to get my credit together for my next purchase. I'm not gonna whine and complain when it comes to a luxury, you can take the bus if purchasing a car is that stressful.

Help NEW
by: Anonymous

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Help NEW
by: Anonymous

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