Drivetime Took My Car and My Money!

by Mama De
(Tampa, FL)

Visitor Review: I purchased a car from Drive Time Auto Sales 3 weeks ago and last week the check engine light came on. I took it to their shop and found out it needs a new engine.

Instead of holding to there warranty, and proof of no inspection, they are buying the car back so they're not upside down.

They refused to give me my money back and instead they offered to give me $700.00 back instead of the 1400 I gave them 3 weeks ago. They stated they had to charge me mileage.

Bad Bad Business!!! I am warning the consumers Beware, there are many situations on the reviews that will prove to you that you will be out of more Money and A LOT OF STRESS!!!!!!

All the trouble this company has caused is unreal. No wonder they were listed under 2 other names Ugly Duckling and Cars Yes.

They false advertise a Warranty that they Refuse to stand behind. They're misleading from the moment you purchase. I was in a situation where it was going to cost me quite a bit of money to get into the car I wanted, and I convinced myself, being new to the area that if I'm going to buy a used car I really need a longer warranty than 30 days. The 3 year warraty was very intriguing!!!!

Instead of researching I let my want become a need and bought the car. I wanted an Altima and with that I got ripped off, no car and no money back I am in the middle of taking care of this in a legal matter, and feel it is my right to let everyone in on my experience.

Please take my word, I'm not writing because I'm mad they came and took my car, because I didn't pay, I'm telling you what happened to me 2 days ago.

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