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Thanks for sharing!
by: Justin
(Editor in Chief)

Hi Malissa,

Thanks for sharing your story. That's too bad about the down payment issue, but at least they weren't way $1000 or more.

Regarding the transmission slipping and the AC all I can say is that I've been dealing with used cars for quite some time it's very hard to tell if a car is going to have future problems...You can usually only spot a problem if it's an immediate problem when the mechanics are inspecting the car.

DriveTime offers extended warranties, did you purchase one? I think they are still including a free 3 year 36,000 mile warranty with most purchases. I believe it is a PowerTrain plus coverage. This I would think would cover your transmission problem, but I'm not sure they go so far to cover the AC under this plan.

Thanks again for sharing...


by: johncox83

I really feel your pain about the transmission and a/c problems. Something to remember about these types of dealers is that their stock is mainly program cars, or ex rentals. These cars may not have many miles on them but they are hard miles. People do very stupid things with rental cars, my mom drives slow and steady in her own cars, but get her in a rental and she's the little old lady from passadena! Drive's em like a bat outta hell. Check out you tube and look at what people do to rental cars. It will make you think twice about buying a used one. I've seen minivan's get hot rodded for god sake. lol

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