Grrrrrrrr... Drive Timeeee

by Malissa
(Tulsa, Ok)

Visitor Review: Should of know something was fishy from the first time we went in there. Since I'm the only one working, everything had to come off of my credit, I don't have horrible credit but it's not that good either.

At first they told me 1500 is all the down payment I needed and gave me the list of cars to look at. So my husband and I went and looked at the cars.

We found a beautiful 300, test drove and fell in love. But because we didn't want to jump into something real fast, we went home and waited a week to talk about it.

It was still there when we went back(YEA) but when we went in to sign papers all of a sudden the down payment went up 100 bucks. Ok. I asked them why and they said it's because they miss judged on my monthly income.. whatever guess we really wanted the car cause we brushed it off.

So now we've had the car for 2 months and already the transmission is slipping and the ac doesn't work. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!! You can't win one for losing one and DT doesn't help the matter. I already can't wait til it's paid off and I never ever have to deal with them again.

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