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tranny shafted
by: Anonymous

I just bought a car from DriveTime in Ocala, FL. The first 3 days of driving the car, the a/c stopped working, the radiator hose busted along with slow take off. Now the tranny needs work the highest I can go is 65mph in 3rd gear. I only put 1,000 miles on the car. What should I do now? p.s. they fixed the hose.

by: lee

Why so many bad reviews DT?

It seems like people just got bad cars
by: Bob

To Lee...

I used to sell cars (not for DriveTime) and it seems like you can have 100 happy customers and no one ever hears about how good things go, but 1 pissed off customer will tell the world what a horrible dealership, salesman, car, etc. it is.

Drive Time doesn't build the cars and all they can do is inspect them and fix them when they see a problem. Maybe they intentionally didn't fix something they saw wrong with the car or maybe it wasn't bad when they inspected it. Cars break, what can I say...

I take any bad reviews I see of any company with a grain of salt. Personally my credit got hit pretty hard due to this economy and I am planning on buying a car from DT. I have friends that have bought from them before and they didn't have anything bad to say about them.

Sorry to anyone that has had a bad experience, but I wouldn't put too much weight on it for anyone else looking to buy from them.

I will let you all know how my experience goes.

If it seems to good to be true it is!
by: Christopher

Purchased my Truck at Drive time in Jacksonville FL in April 2010. Drive time showed me all the papers for inspections and maintenance that was done on the truck.

My credit was not good so I was happy to get approved. I read the stories about things in the past and about buyer beware and now I am the victim.

I had a check engine light come on the truck, so I called drivetime and they said to bring it in to the repair facility within two days. The repair facility had it for 24 hrs before they could check it out.

Then the fun began the catalytic converter was not working, 3 cylinders had a misfire and there was a transmission error. The mechanic told me the misfire could be fixed with a tune up, but what I couldn't understand was all the maintenance like that was done before I purchased the truck. Why after 14months would I need a tune up.

Of course, the catalytic converter was not covered. Either the salespeople have you believe that there warranty is the best 3yr 36000 miles (SURE). So they wanted $900 for the repair of the converter.

I called DT customer service and I got the same answer, no help, no sorry, nothing. So I ordered the part, rented a car for a week (not covered).

Come to find out the part comes from a DT distributor so DT can warranty it (huh) which costs $700 the same thing would cost me $400. DT would not authorize a transmission check because they didn't want to pay for it and I was told I could authorize it and if there was nothing wrong I would have to pay for it.

I had to purchase a new battery because the battery that was put in there was not the correct size for the truck this is another thing that is not covered. It drained the battery.

So far I am down $1400 without transportation and no light at the end of the tunnel. And no help from DT.

Bad business
by: Anonymous

My daughter purchased a car from dt ocala. Had the car two days and it stopped cranking up. Called had to pay to have it towed to one of their shops. They replaced the ignition switch then the horn stopped. Now no windows, a/c or head lights and no horn. Warranty wont cover it not to mention she had to pay for an alternator. Now that's bad business and a lemon...there is a law for that.

No problem NEW
by: don

My wife and I got a 2008 Hyundai Sonata with 51,000 miles on it from DT in Marietta, GA. We have had zero problems, and have been very happy with the car- and it's now at 180,000 miles.

Rip off NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought a 2012 Ford Fusion Jan last year. 19000 never missed a payment. Looked up payoff yesterday 18500.Really. Looked up Kelly blue book 6800. Took to a dealer come to find out its not reporting to my credit. Wasted time. Dealer suggested I give it back. My thinking the minute I give it back they report voluntary repo.

Selling junk and harassment NEW
by: Anonymous

My husband and I bought an overpriced car from them in hopes to help our less than stellar credit. Not even a month after we bought it the car starting making a grinding noise and wouldn't move an inch. I called their warranty company and was informed I was responsible for towing. I had it towed to a Shop which informed me the cv axel was broken. Not even three months later the other one broke. Again I had it towed and repaired paying their deductible. Not long after that we discovered we had an oil leak. Fast forward a year and we now have a costly wheel barring repair. I went in to buy a brand new car and they pull our credit and tell my husband he is a first time buyer and qualified for some specia deal. How is he a first time buyer when not even 2 years ago we bought a car from Drivetime that is supposed to report to the credit bureau? Last May I changed jobs and needed to change my payment. They gave me a million reasons why that couldnt be done and what I needed to do to get it done. I follow their rules and still nothing. I get paid semi monthly instead of biweekly so apparently that changes things and even though every time I get paid I make a payment I am somehow three payments behind (likely because of those months with three paydays) I followed the steps again and we went down to the dealer the day the deal was offered and signed and faxed the paperwork over. I call on my next pay day and am informed I owe $900. I explained what happened and that I am not $900 in the hole. The person on the phone informs me they never got that paperwork and the deal has expired. I explained that I had a copy of the fax saying it was confirmed and who at the dealership faxed it. They told me it wasn't valid since they didn't receive it and the deal is expired. I finally gave up and informed them that I tried to play by their rules and I get paid on x day and x day and they would receive their payments when I got paid and nothing more than my normal payment. Now every time I call to pay I have to re explain the situation to everyone who answers the phone then listen to what they have to say. They call 4 or more times a day hanging up with one phone and calling the other and sending emails and texts. At one point I threatened a harassment suit if the calls didn't stop. They did for a week or two and here we go again. It's stressful having to go through this every day with the calls and every time I call to make payment. I do no recommend ever buying from this company and I won't again. For now I guess I'm stuck with a car that isn't worth half of what I owe for another 2-3 years. Tack on the constant harassment!

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