Think Again Before You Go to DriveTime

by Joy

Visitor Review: DriveTime in NC is a big rip off and they are not there to help you with your credit, but just to make it worse. They also have the most rude people working in the corp office. I hope many people read this... I wish I would have listened when someone told me not to go to them.

Response: HI Joy. Thanks for your opinions. Would you care to expand and let us know more specifically what they did to upset you? I don't know that DriveTime is intentionally trying to ruin anyone's credit and I (and I'm sure other visitors) would be interested to know what happened.

Did you miss a payment? If so, then you'd have to expect them to report this to the credit bureaus and that would fall more on your shoulders than theirs. Right?

I'm not trying to stick up for DT and your frustration with them may be quite legitimate, but at the same time, to state that they are intentionally trying to make your credit worse is a pretty bold statement.

Thanks again for your opinions and I'll look forward to hearing back from you...Justin

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